Hi, I'm Anita. I love to knit, crochet, create patterns and generally enjoy keep'n creative. This blog is where I share that creativity with you! This includes free patterns that I have designed as well as inspiration through items I've created using others' patterns (I always share links to where you can find the patterns).

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Some random things about me
  1. I am married to my best friend. We moved in together 6 days after our first date and were married less than a year later. We've been married for over 20 years.
  2. I am mom to two great guys who are truly the apples of my eye.
  3. I was a stay-at-home mom for 10 years and homeschooled both of my guys through graduation.
  4. I'm about to be a three-time grandma and loving every minute of it!
  5. I love animals. Currently I am mom to two furbabies, a little dog and a big cat.
  6. I have major OCD tendencies.
  7. I am a very low-maintenance kinda gal.
  8. I am unapologetically Christian. You don't have to share my beliefs for me to love you or want to be your friend.
  9. I am a Jack (or Jane?) of all trades and master of none.
  10. I have a love-hate relationship with couponing. I love the rewards, but hate the work and I can never do it consistently - too much maintenance.
  11.  I was not an army brat, yet growing up we moved roughly 18 times (that I can remember), in 7 different cities and towns in 4 different states.
  12. I was born in Chicago, IL and lived there until I was almost 6, moved to West Virginia for the next 6 years, then to Georgia for a short while before moving to Tennessee...I am the craziest mix of Yankee-Hillbilly-Redneck there ever was!
  13. My husband and I moved 12 times over the first 3 years we were together. (Can we say rambling spirits?)
  14. I have way too much to do and way too little time to do it - always.
  15. A friend's mom started me crocheting when I was 9 but only how to chain and single crochet. There was no internet back in those days so my crocheting came to a halt.
  16. In mid 2007 I sought out someone to teach me to knit and fell in love! (With knitting.)
  17. It wasn't until the end of 2007 (23 years after the first attempt) that I decided I wanted to try my hand at crochet again. Thanks to some great online tutorials and videos it was a success!
  18. I love numbers and paperwork.