Friday, July 29, 2011

Finished It Friday: July 29, 2011

Hey there!
Here are the projects I've finished up over this past week (in order of completion *Ü*)...

My friend Jodie (who seems to be the biggest fan of my work in the world!*Ü*) custom ordered two black cats with long tails and green eyes...big ones, like the girls I draw was her specific request, LoL...I immediately had a vision and wanted to create this pattern myself instead of using someone else's. It is inspired by others I've seen and done, but this one's all mine!  Here's what I came up with and they are travelin' to Jodie's house now....

After I finished Jodie's black kitties, I wanted something small to work on so I was going through my bookmarks of patterns I want to all get to eventually and came across this Easter Bunny Fridgie free pattern from Crochet Memories (You can also find it on Ravelry!). I decided I didn't want a fridgie, but more of a small applique that can be sewn on as an embellishment, or added as a decorative (or focal point) element to an ATC (Artist Trading Card), so I used a US 7 steel hook and size 10 crochet cotton. He only took minutes to work up and I thought he turned out rather cute....

Next pattern that struck my fancy in my bookmarked list of patterns that I've been compiling was the free pattern for this darling Granny Stripe Boutique Bag by Sara of Tangled Happy (You can also find it on Ravelry!) I wanted something bright and happy and summery so I chose a bright yellow with white for the flower.  The pattern doesn't call for, or even mention lining, but I decided that I definitely wanted to line mine. I chose felt for the lining because there is no worries of fraying edges so sewing it up would be a snap. I wanted to use white, but didn't have enough (boo!). I thought that orange complimented the yellow and white nicely, and had a full sheet of that in my felt stash, so that's what I used.  

For the lining I traced around the bag part of the purse to get the shape then, following that shape, I trimmed it until it fit inside the bag just perfectly. I then folded my piece of felt and laid the template I had made on it so that the bottom of the template was lined up with the fold. Next I just cut around the other three sides of my template. The fold was the bottom of my lining and all I had to do was sew up the sides...easy-peasy! Then I just used small running stitches to hand-sew the lining into the bag. I have to admit, both yellow and orange are colors that I usually only reserve for accents, but the really worked for a fun summery little bag!

Jodie, the one that I made the cats for, is a paying customer, but she truly is a dear friend and is such a sweetheart and one of the most generous and genuinely kind people I have ever met and I just love her to pieces. When she orders from me, I always try to add extras that I know she would like and/or can use in her art. This time I added these little pretties....

Just like the bunny I made earlier in the week, these little pretties would be easy sewn on to embellish just about anything, or used as an element on an ATC.  These butterfly, flower and leaf motif patterns are by Joanne Loh of  (You can also find them on Ravelry!)

My final finished project for the past week I think I will keep for myself! Debi Y's Another Sweet-heart ornament. I made some of her various sweet-heart ornaments (there are three) when she first shared them, but I was at my sisters and she liked them so much that I left them with her and wasn't able to get pics.  All three patterns are so sweet and so easy! Hmmm...I am thinking about having a Debi Y's Sweet-hearts grouping of about 10-15 on the wall over my bed! *squeals!* How cute would that be!?!? 

And that's it for this to make more pretties to share next Friday!
Have a wonderful weekend my friends!
There is no wisdom, no insight, no plan that can succeed against the LORD. 
Proverbs 21:30 (NIV)


  1. I love all your projects Anita - the kitties are so cute. Thank you for your nice words about my heart ornaments. :)

  2. lots of crochet! I love the black kitties!!

  3. Thank you both so much! Debi, you're very welcome. Thank YOU for sharing your patterns!♥

  4. Anita, all your projects are just amazing and you did all these in one week, phew! The little black kittes are just so adorable, the flowers and leaves and butterflies you sent to Jodie are beautiful. What wonderful work you are doing there girl! Have a blessed weekend.

  5. Thank you so much my friend!!!
    Hope you have an abundantly blessed weekend as well!♥

  6. I LOVE the little black cats :-) They are adorable!! Your other work is beautiful as well... you are very talented!

  7. Hi Anita - I hadn't realised the extras were for Jodie - she will love them! I've spent the weekend sighing over crochet teddy patterns - one day......I did knit a teddy - he turned out a little different to how I hoped but he's grown on me :)

  8. Hey Jill!
    I didn't mention it on Flickr because I wanted to surprise her. *Ü*

  9. the cats are so so so sooooo cute!!!!!!!

  10. Oh Aninta, those are really cute! I love the cats sooooo! Just tiny things make us much happy, right? Such a lovely post!!!
    Take care and great day to you! xo

  11. Sue and Lovestitch, thank you both so much!
    Tiny things do make big smiles!
    Have a wonderful day my friends!!!♥

  12. You have really been accomplishing a lot of crochet! Very lovely work you have! =)

  13. Hi Anita. Your granny stripe bag looks stunning in yellow! And the liner is a fabulous touch. Thanks for linking up and popping by Tangled Happy. Wishing you a happy Monday! :)

  14. Thank you Sara! ..and thank you so much for sharing the pattern with us! You rock girl!♥


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