Friday, April 8, 2011

Lovin' Spring!

Hello my friends!
I was just sitting here thinking about how wonderful my day was yesterday.
It started out rough...I woke up with a migraine...which in turn made my stomach nauseas...and I ended up going back to bed for a few hours. Once the meds I took kicked in the boys and I got out for a little while. We didn't do anything spectacular, but we went to the closest town with a craft store, which is about 35 minutes away and we had such a blast just driving on such a beautiful Spring day! Jeremy (my 16 year old) did the driving and we jammed to his hard rock/metal music....his "sunny day, driving music." Damon (my 15 year old) wore his black trench coat,  German military hat and platform boots...his go-to outfit when we get out....which used to drive Jeremy crazy, but he's finally gotten over it. We laughed and they were even playful with each other in the stores. My heart was so happy and full. The good Lord has blessed me so abundantly! My heart is still full just reflecting on yesterday....and Spring; Spring seems to bring out the best in everyone doesn't it?

I sure hope each and every one of you have a wonderful and wonderfully blessed and beautiful Spring weekend!
I sure do love you guys!

Come near to God and he will come near to you.
James 4:8


  1. Hi Anita. Thank you so much for stopping by and for your lovely comments. It amazes me how people take time out of their busy lives to brighten someone elses day..thank you :)

    Spring is my absolute favorite season. The cold weather is clearing out and days are warmer but not scorching..the flowers start to show their lovely faces...I can almost smell them!
    I think it's so neat that we both have Jeremys! son is a we actually have 3 total! lol too cute!
    Now, about the hooks..I only bought 2 different colors for my first attempt(big mistake) so I was out at our local A.C. Moore getting additional ones today. Ms.Debi was right, it's extremly addictive. Since you have such a hike you may want to start off with a handful..just a thought :)
    I hope you enjoy our weekend...thanks again..
    oh, btw..I love what I've seen so far so I grabbed your button and become a follower...thanks!!!

  2. You are so welcome Nicole! ...and thank YOU my new friend! I thought it was pretty neat that we both had Jeremy's too! I follow you too! Thanks for grabbin' my button! Have a wonderful rest of your weekend sweet pea.♥

  3. It's so wonderful to hear that you turned your day around and it didn't matter how it started...fabulous! Also, just wanted to stop by and thank you for your comment on my blog, means a lot.

  4. Thank you so much Linda! I sure hope you're starting to feel more yourself. Great big hugs to you my friend!♥

  5. Hi Anita..nice to meet you..I hope those migraines subside...I never had one but I know the pain they cause sounds like a great day you had...sunshine, kids and craft store...woo hoo..!

  6. oh I took your cute button too..!


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