Friday, March 4, 2011

Two Great Crochet Patterns!

Hello my friends!
I'm still here and doing pretty good.
Here's a couple more quick and easy patterns I had the chance to try (seems like that's the requirement for my projects these days!)...

Super-quick, easy and cute...the best combination ever!!! ;o)

Then there's this Flower Key Cozy free pattern from K and J Dolls blog (also on Ravelry!)
Another super-quick, easy and cute little project. It is much bigger than it looked in the pictures on the post for the pattern so I wanted you to see it with my set of keys attached so that you would get a better sense of the actual size.

Have a wonderful weekend my friends!
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  1. i love this bag.. been in my to-do list for quite a long time.. and you did a great job on it my friend!



  2. Thank you Sue! I really loved how it turned out and will probably be making more of them....they would make great gifts or gift bags!♥

  3. Anita...
    I love how your little granny bag turned out...
    Thank you so much for sharing on your blog...

  4. Thank YOU Michelle....for sharing the pattern and for the lovely comment! ♥

  5. surely anita! it will make a great gift ... 8wink wink*

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  7. The color choices for your ganny bag are fabulous. I love this little bag. Great little key cozy too. I think I need these too! My list of to do is growing and growing ... isn't it wonderful. Have a wonderful day and weekend. Blessings sweet girl.

  8. LoL...Sue, you are too cute my friend!

    Gloria, thank you so much! Lol...I know what you to-do list is longer than I am! ...and it IS wonderful! Each one brings a smile to my heart.....and so do you my very sweet friend!


  9. Anita, the bag turned out so well. Thanks for sharing the key chain pattern cute! Glad you are doing well and thanks for dropping by. I hope the sun is shining where you are.

  10. Thank you Clara! ...and you're welcome. As for the sunshine...outside it's cold, cloudy and dreary but inside the sun's been shining all day! ;o)

  11. Anita-thanks for visiting my blog. Are you taking BYW with Holly? Love your granny bag BTW-so cute!
    about my post the other don't have your head in the sand; it has not quite received worldwide attention. Guess 50 million + girls being killed is not as important as say, Lindsey Lohan!

  12. Hi Anita, been thinking about you ... have been sporting a headache / migraine since last Thursday. I read earlier where eating cucumber before bed and you will wake refreshed and headache gone. I'm ready to try anything at this point so the cucumbers are waiting. Will let you know! Hope all is well with you ... blessings.

  13. Soraya---Thank you! I left you a comment on your blog. =o)

    Glor---Thank you for thinking about about me. Did the cucumber help the migraine? I woke up with a migraine myself today and am having a rough go of it. Like you, I'm ready to try anything at this point! Hope you have a good Lent.

  14. Leashah from Swap-BotApril 6, 2011 at 9:13 AM

    I totally love the little key cozy idea! :D


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