Monday, March 14, 2011

My Life Art Journaled: Pages for March 12 & 13

Here's what's in the little pocket I made...
I got this in a mailing from Joyce Meyer and I wanted to put it where I could be reminded of its message from time to time. Since I go back and look through my journals from time to time I thought this was a great place!

I'm working on a couple of crochet projects for an upcoming baby shower so I'll be able to post my results, the links to and my thoughts on the patterns soon!

Have a wonderfully blessed week my friends.
I love ya's!!!
He [Jesus] is before all things, and in him all things hold together.
-- Colossians 1:17


  1. I got the same thing and thought to do something like it. Good for you to do it! Mine still sitting on desk.

  2. Melissa....Thanks! Mine sat in the envelope on my desk for a while too, then made its way onto my fridge before I finally added it to my journal where I knew nothing would happen to it!♥

    Debi....Thank you so much my friend!♥

  3. Lovely pages and your penmanship is sooo beautiful! Wow!

  4. Superb! What pens, pencils, etc. do you use. Would love to see what they are. I really want to do this someday. So pretty, love how they so fit the day and its happenings. Will be wonderful to look back on.

  5. Thank you Gloria! I am using a combination of Tombow and Copic markers. I really enjoy documenting what I'm thinking and/or feeling and little things that influence me and inspire me each day.♥


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