Sunday, March 13, 2011

Karen's Cakes

I just seen my sister Karen's most recent cake creation and it is so breathtaking I just had to share!
I mean look at the perfect detail here...
...keep in mind, this is icing (or gumpaste) y'all....not store-bought pretties!
How gorgeous is this???
And here's a pic of the whole cake....

Do I have the most amazingly talented sister or what!?!?

Ok, my intention wasn't to make this an advertisement, I really just wanted to share her amazingness, but I have to add that she does sell these y' if you live in or around the Nashville, Tennessee area and you want or need a very special cake made, you can visit her cake page for more details....and more pics of her awesomeness!

Thanks for letting me share!
If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be given you.
--John 15:7 NIV


  1. My goodness talent certainly runs in your family. What a most beautiful cake. I can't imagine how long this took to make. I have to check out here cake page. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful day ... blessings.

  2. Thank you Gloria! LoL...we were talking about that during our last visit....we do all have a knack for the creative, but each of us are creative in different ways/ two of us are creative in the same things! Karen is the only one of us who has turned her talent into a business and I am so proud of her and all she has accomplished!
    Have a beautiful and blessed day my friend! ((hugs))♥

  3. This is too beautiful to be eaten,although I am sure that it tastes as good as it looks,

  4. The last comment was mine,sorry I have forgotten to sign it . Hind

  5. Oh Hind! Thank you so much my precious friend! I will tell her of your sweet comment. Great big "Love you!" hugs to you!♥

  6. Wow! That is some awesome cake!!! That is definitely a work of art. I don't think I could cut into or eat a cake that pretty. :)

  7. Hi Hope! It is a work of art isn't it?!? I know what you would be hard to cut into something so lovely....but they taste as amazing as they look, so I think I could get over the cutting part, LoL!♥


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