Saturday, January 8, 2011

Mail, Art & Crochet -- with free pattern link

Hello friends!
Not gonna be too wordy tonight but I wanted to share some eye candy (and a pattern link) with y'all. 

First of all, look at the pretty ATCs I got this week!
...this one was from tammybeck. I LOVE her ATCs and was so happy to have the opportunity to trade with her! this one from Yuzz in a Swap-bot swap.
...and finally, this one out of the blue from a fellow IUOMA member.
Sweet huh?

I sent this out to my pen pal Linda...

 I also got to work on Pammy Sue's adorable (and free!) "On the Fly Doily" pattern...
Turned out pretty cute huh? I made it for my brother and his wife-to-be in their favorite colors (his is blue and hers is green). 

I hope y'all have had a wonderful week and that you have an even better weekend!
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Proverbs 17:28 NLT


  1. It turned out so cute! Thanks for letting me know. I'm glad you like it. I still need to rewrite those loopy rounds (somewhere around Round 6). I need to add more chains so they will show up better. I love the blue and greens!

  2. Thank you Pammy Sue!
    I loved making rock my friend!♥

  3. Hi Anita,

    They are nice!! But what are ATC's? And what are these used for? I'm sorry I never heard about it before!:-(
    And yes.. that's a very pretty doily!

  4. Namaste Vinita!

    Shukriyaa my friend!
    No apologies for asking sweetie...ATC is short for Artist Trading Cards.
    Artist trading cards are small pieces of art (the size of baseball cards) that are made to be traded with other artists and are not meant to be sold.♥

  5. Shukriya Anita!! Now I have got some idea about them. :-))

  6. did you block this doily?? I am working making it and when you get to the round where you do 3 sc in the 5 chain loop - it's curling a bit. I have never blocked a piece by the way.

  7. It curled on me as well, so I did 4 sc in the ch 5 loop. As for blocking, for this one all I did was wet it down and lay it flat on a towel to dry.

    Hope this helps Court!♥

  8. You do well with "all" your art work and mantian a family on top of it...Wow! I will be following, jump on over to my blog if you haven't all ready. Now to your etsy, I have not done that as yet...might be back at cha for a ? or 2 on it when I do.
    Learning the art of others...Tootsie

  9. Thank you! What a sweet comment. ♥

  10. Hi Anita I'm so happy to have found your blog on FB...I love to knitt, crochet and make atcs which I do trade on Flickr and in
    Blessing to you and your family!!! Love this little doily!!!

  11. Hi Bevie! I'm so happy you found my blog too!
    Maybe we could do a personal trade sometime. =0)
    Thank you so much for your sweet comment!♥♥♥


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