Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Modge-Podge of News and Tips

First order of business today, try as I may I have been unable to get in touch with winner #2 of my pumpkin giveaway.  If I don't hear anything from her by Monday morning I'm going to use to choose a different winner from the original entries.

**Jackie (tncrogard), if you happen to read this, I need you to email me with your mailing address so I can send you your pumpkin sweetpea.**

Now, for all of my friends who crochet I have found the single best way to start crocheting in the round....even better than the magic ring/circle!  I found it a while back and it has been the only method I use now, so I asked Stacey of FreshStitches if I could share her method here with you guys and she was so sweet about it. You have to go to her post here and check it out!  I'm gonna put a permanent link over on the sidebar too.

If you've never checked out Stacey's blog, you don't know what you're missing!  You'll find loads of  adorable amigurumi and hat patterns, both free and dang near free, and a wealth of tips and techniques and videos to help you be successful with amigurumi and so much more!  Like this great tip about the photo studio you already have!  I really encourage you to check her out.

As for me, I can't seem to find my yarn-play mojo. :o(
I've been doing a little something each day to try and get it back, but I'm in a definite yarn-y slump.  
I'm going to join my friend and fellow crochet blogger Gloria in a CAL she's doing over at her blog.  I'm really looking forward to making something with her and hopefully it'll help pull me out of this slump.

What have YOU been into?

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  1. I was just going through an entire lack of motivation moment concerning my crocheting... but I think I'm back on track... I finished up a monstey and am now working on a new hat pattern... so we'll see how long my motivation lasts... hopefully long enough to finish up a few projects. 0_o

  2. I'm glad one of us is feeling some yarn-y motivation, LoL. I'm still creating, my muse isn't sleeping at all, but it's in the form of art on paper (journaling, altered books, mail art, doodles, etc) and not with yarn at all! This is so unlike me. :o(

  3. Hi Anita, thanks for sharing Stacey's blog ... the photo set is amazing! Got to try this. See I'll be spending some time over there! Lots to see. Happy to have you on the crochet-along, I'm praying this comes out ok, you know how it is when you do with someone else ... lol. The first two rows you do join to first sc. What color are you using. Thanks for joining in and I hope the yarn-y slump goes away. It has to! Your creations are fabulous!

  4. Hi Gloria, You are so welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed the link. I have faith that the CAL will turn out marvelously! Thanks for letting me know about the first two rows. I'm using red. Thank you for your sweet words and your encouragement my friend.♥

  5. Awww bless your heart, I hope you get your yarn mojo back soon girl. Im having withdrawals if you call it that, I started a new job and now I dont get to crochet as much and I miss it terribly :o( I do hope you have a happy weekend girl :o) HUGS

  6. Thanks Lynn! I'm sorry you're having withdrawals. I can relate to that too...been there! I do hope your new job is going well. Life's too short to spend the majority of your time doing something/being somewhere that you're not happy with. Great big 'love ya girl' hugs!♥

  7. Aww, thanks Anita for letting me know row 3 worked ... Murphy's law ...when I did this by myself I didn't pay much attention and it worked, of course now its giving some burps. Any way the red will be beautiful. Great for the holidays. Have a wonderuful, blessed night.

  8. You're most welcome hun. My life revolves around Murphy's Law, so you're not alone! LoL. Have an extraordinarily blessed weekend sweetie.♥

  9. hi anita! thank you for sharing such a helpful tips wonderful website. :D

  10. You're welcome Sue! I'm so glad you enjoyed it!♥


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