Friday, October 29, 2010

The Least Among You-A DVD Review

This DVD was reviewed for BookSneeze blogger review program and while I do get the books/DVDs that I review for free, I don't get any financial compensation for my reviews.  I also want to assure you that I will always give you my honest opinions about any books/DVDs that I choose to review.  I am not a professional writer or reviewer and my reviews will be in my everyday, southern, girl-next-door language.  I call it like I see it and type it like I say it.  With that said, on to the review!

The Least Among You, a movie inspired by a true story is described like this:
Arrested in the 1965 Watts riots, Richard Kelly (Cedric Sanders) must serve probation at an all-white seminary. Although encouraged to break racial boundaries by its president Alan Beckett (William Devane), the school wants black followers, not leaders. Even former missionary Kate Allison (Lauren Holly) initially rejects Richard. With a prison sentence looming, Richard meets Samuel Benton (Louis Gossett, Jr.)-"the gardener in the basement." As Samuel guides him through his many trials, Richard must choose between his dreams and his destiny.
I've always been drawn to movies that are based on/inspired by true stories and add to that some great actors-William Devane who I most remember from Knots Landing, Lauren Holly from Picket Fences and NCIS, and Louis Gosset, Jr, a wonderful actor who needs no introduction-and I was really looking forward to getting and watching this DVD! 

Sad to say, but I was extremely disappointed. While the story itself was good and had a great message, it was one of the slowest, most drawn out movies I've ever seen and to be honest there's no way I would have sat through the whole thing if I were not reviewing it.

Come to me all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.
Matthew 11:28


  1. That does sound like it could be a good movie, I also dont like when it is just dragged out. Happy Saturday :o)

  2. It really could've been a great movie Lynn. It focused alot on God's will for this young man and and I was really hoping that it would be something to inspire the whole family, but nobody could sit through it because it was so draggy and boring. Big disappointment. ♥


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