Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Another Crocheted Soap Saver

Last night Jeremy, my 15 year old, swiped the soap saver that I made last night, LoL.  
He was being playful but said that he really liked it and that I should make him one.  I have to tell ya, when my teenage sons enjoy something that I hand-make it really does make my heart happy! So, of course I told him that he could have that one and I made another one for my bathroom....
 I worked from the same skein of yarn, because I knew I wouldn't have enough for another cloth or I just think it's plum pretty! ;o)

Thanks for letting me share my yarn play with you.
I love ya's!

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I Peter 3:3-4 MSG


  1. That is very lovely, and it is a good feeling when someone loves what you make and want it lol Those are a good idea for sure, thanks for sharing and I hope you are having a good week :o)

  2. Thank you Lynn, I'm glad you like the idea; you're most welcome! I'm having a wonderful week so far, I hope you are too!♥

  3. I love soap savers and the color of this one is really nice.

  4. Thank you Clara! :o)
    Have a wonderful evening hun.♥

  5. Cool idea!
    Thank you so much for leaving a nice comment on my flickr.
    Have a happy day!


  6. Thank you for stopping by Flor! I think your art is amazing! Have a wonderful day sweet pea.♥


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