Saturday, September 11, 2010

Busy-ness and Christmas Crochet and Knitting

Hello my friends!
Things are still super-crazy around here, but in a good way.  My migraines have left me some peace for a bit now and the boys lessons are going good, though they still keep me on my toes! LoL.  Do you go through spells where it just seems like there isn't enough hours in the day to do what you need to do, let alone what you want to do?  Whew! Well, that's where I'm at now!  And guess what?  Christmas is barely over 3 months away!  That's way too soon if you're buying gifts, and if you're handmaking them then you better get your rear in gear!  I am making quite a few Christmas gifts and some are big projects and some of the recipients actually read my blog so discussing what I'm working on and showing pics will be absolutely out of the question (though it will give me plenty to share once Christmas is over! hehehe).

With all the busy-ness that is going on right now, I hope that you'll bear with me over the next few months if I don't get to post as often.  I am committing to no less than one post a week, so you will most definitely still hear from me and some weeks it may be every day or two...just depending what is going on at any given time.  

Today I am going to leave you with a tip that I've been meaning to share for quite some time.  It was supposed to be a Tuesday's Tip, but since I'm not able to post as regularly right now I'll just post it while I'm thinkin' about it. ;o)

I found that I wanted something handy, though not too bulky to have nearby that I could just drop the end of my scissors in so that they would be easily accessible so that I could just grab them without having to fiddle with opening anything or pulling off a tip protector every time I needed to snip something.  However, I also didn't want them just lying around and I wanted something that wouldn't damage the pointed ends of them either.  Well, I found the perfect solution for my situation.....a bathroom toothbrush holder.  Yep!  $2 at Walmart if I remember correctly and it is the handiest thing!  There is two holes for "toothbrushes" and I use one for the particular hook(s) and/or needles that I am working with at any given time and the other hole I use for my scissors!  I just drop 'em right in and they're right there for the pickin' when I need 'em!  YaY!  There is also a more oval hole that goes along the back half of the holder that is for "toothpaste" but I keep a small ruler, a nail file, my stuffing poker stick (lol...nice term, huh?) and a pen or two in it.  It sits nicely on my end table, right next to my pincushion.  In the pic below you'll also see my hook canister that is just a Crystal Light canister that I Mod Podged scrapbook paper too.  Pretty cool huh?  I hope that this tip is one that you can use!  

Have an extremely awesome and blessed weekend!
Love and hugs,

For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.
Ephesians 2:10 NIV


  1. I'm always looking for a good hook holder ... Now I know I was looking in the wrong section of the store: not stationery, but bathware. Aha!

  2. That's right! And alot less expensive than if you bought it in the crafts section too!!!

  3. Hi Anita, your comment for my post today led to me adding an addendum ... it is sad that we seem to have forgotten 9-11, we must not, ever!

    Your tip is great ... I think I'll look to getting one. Glad the migraines have given up for a bit, hoping (and praying) they stay away.

  4. I agree! It is mind-boggling that as a general rule many have forgotten. I agree..we must not ever!

    I'm glad you like the tip! :o)
    Thank you so very much for the prayers my friend, they are sincerely appreciated.

    Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!
    Warm hugs, ♥Anita

  5. That is a wonderful idea for the scissors and hooks! Best of luck on all your work you have ahead of you with the Christmas gifts, I need to get in gear and start mine too, well I have one done lol I start my shopping early early in the year, if I see something I think a family member will like I go ahead and get it and put in the gift tote :o) I hope you are having a good weekend!

  6. Thanks Lynn, I'm glad you like my idea! I appreciate you good wishes for my Christmas projects too. I'm such a bad procrastinator when it comes to Christmas shopping!


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