Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Another Crochet Pumpkin and a Giveaway!

Karla's pumpkins are definitely addictive!
I knew when I done my first one that I definitely wanted to make another one and here's what I came up with this time...
What d'ya think?

I got so many lovely comments on my first pumpkin, both here and on my Flickr page.
I can't fully express how much your comments mean to me.  They truly do fill my heart with so much joy that a simple 'Thank you' response just doesn't seem like enough to convey that.  So, in hopes to show my true appreciation, I'm having my very first giveaway and I'm not just giving away one thing, but two!  These two...
I'll be using a random number generator to choose two winners.
Each person also has two chances to win!
  • Chance/Entry #1: All you gotta do is leave me a comment here.  Say anything you'd like!  If you tell me which one you like best and you win, I'll try and send you the one you like.  (First person chosen gets the one they chose if they listed a preference and then I'll go from there.)
  • Chance/Entry #2: Share the giveaway with others on your own blog.  Tell your friends and followers, complete with link to this post, then come back here and leave me the link to your post in a second comment.  **you have to make the second comment for it to count as a second entry.**
**PLEASE READ:  Please, make sure your blog and or email is linked to your comment OR type it out within your comment so that I can get in touch with you if you win.**

That's it!  You have until Tuesday at noon central standard time to leave your comments.
Good luck my friends!

Much love,

As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, O God. My soul thirsts for the living God.
Psalm 42:1-2


  1. These are both so darling dear. Great job, as usual.


  2. I ADORE the pumpkins!!!!My favorite is the one with the leaves, but I wouldn't turn down either one! Great job...thanks for the inspiration!!!


  3. Your new pumpkin is just beautiful I love the colors, what a wonderful job you did. :o) Thanks for sharing with us!

    You do not have to include me in the giveaway, I think they are great but hubby doesnt get happy when I give out our home addy :o)

    I hope you are having a happy week! HUGS

  4. Thank you all so very much!
    Lynn, I totally understand my friend.

    Good luck April and Beth!

  5. I like both pumpkins but really love the one the leaves on it. Great work!!!

  6. I would love to be in the drawing! Your pumpkins turned out really nice! My email address is thecrossens@comcast.net Thanks!!!

  7. Another cute cute pumpkin!!!
    I love blog giveaways! They are always so fun!!

  8. First time here and I'm glad I came! I think I'll sit with my cup of tea and browse your blog awhile. I love your pumpkins. Both are exquisite but the leaves are very intriguing.

  9. great pumpkins I looove 'em especially the one with the leaves


  10. Elisa -- sweetie, I need your email address so I can notify you if you win.

    Shelley -- I'm so glad you found my little home on the web! I do hope you enjoyed the rest of your visit and that you'll come and visit again and often!

    Everyone -- Thank you all so much for your kind comments. Good luck guys! :o)

  11. wonderful! your pumpkins are great!

  12. Anita you have done it again! You do such lovely work. I really like the one with the leaves.

  13. They are both adorable. I would love either one. Thanks for the chance to win

  14. I love your pumpkins! I just learned to knit and now I have to learn to crochet. I found your blog a few weeks ago and you are one of the first fiber arts blogs I decided to follow. Thank you for sharing your projects. Blessings,
    Lisa (www.SweetChatterThatMatters.blogspot.com)

  15. I love them both! Beautifully done!
    I wuold lik to win oen, but then you have to send it alle over to the Netherlands. I don't think, you have that in mind ;)!
    So, good luck all!

    Hug Tamara.

  16. they are soooo cute...I would love to have one to start my own pumpkin patch !!!

  17. Thank you guys! I'm so glad everyone is enjoying my take on Karla's pumpkins.

    Lisa--I am so honored that I am one of the first fiber artists that you follow! Thank you!

    Tamara--Sweetpea, I fully intended on sending internationally as well and have entered you in!

    Good luck my friends! I love ya all.♥

  18. Is it fair for me to enter, Anita? I absolutely love what you have done with the pumpkin pattern!

    P.S. Just kidding on entering your giveaway - I want someone else to win... But I really do LOVE your work!

  19. Karla,

    Haha, of course it's fair for you to win!!!
    Are ya sure you don't want to enter? Huh? Are ya sure, are ya sure??? ;o)

    I am so honored that you enjoy what I do so much. Thank you!♥

  20. I love your pumpkins. They are just in time to decorate for Halloween and Thanksgiving. I saw about your contest on Rachel's Mystery Dishcloth KAL yahoo group page.

  21. Thank you! I'm so excited about sharing the pumpkins. I really appreciate you letting me know how you came to visit me too. Good luck!♥

  22. Love both pumpkins, probably the one with the burgundy is first! Thank you for this opportunity!

    jackie-tn (at the ville)


  23. Thank you Jackie! ...and you're most welcome. I'm sending you an email, my fellow Tennessean. I'm wondering which ville you're from...there's so many in these parts, lol. ♥

  24. I just love you blog and am going to be a new follower! Your work is beautiful. I have been crocheting and knitting for around 35 years now...was taught by my maternal grandmother when i was around 7 i think (i am 43 now). Thanks for sharing all of your beautiful things with the rest of us!!!

  25. Thank you very much Pam! I'm thrilled to have you as a follower. You're most welcome, I'm honored that you guys enjoy what I have to share. ♥

  26. Both of the pumpkins are lovely, my favorite is the one with the white flowers!! I came over from Rachael's Yahoo Group and would love a chance to enter your wonderful giveaway :)
    Thank you,
    kimberlybreid at hotmail dot com

  27. Thanks Kimberly, I got ya down! :o) Good luck sweetpea!

  28. Well i'm going to be different because as much as they're both fantastic i love the flowers one haha ooh but the leaves one is soo typically Autumn agrrrr Good luck one and all fantastic job you made of them Anita xx


  29. I like them both but my favorite is the one with the white flowers/yellow centers. You have such a talent & I enjoyed tinkering around your blog.


  30. Thank you so much for you sweet comment Roxanna! I am so glad you've enjoyed your time here. Good luck sweetpea! ♥

  31. Wow, your work is gorgeous! Both are so beautiful. I would be happy to win either one. Thanks for the giveaway.

  32. Thank you so much Miriam! ...and you're most welcome. Good luck darlin'!

  33. hi i love your pumpkins so coloufull, impossible to choose one. I have linked this giveaway to my blog also. How generous of you to give your great creations away. Good luck with the giveway and keep on blogging

  34. Thanks Joan, I have both entries down, Good luck sweetpea!

  35. hi it's me again lol i have also linked your giveaway to facebook. I think more people read that than my blog. best wishes
    just joan

  36. Anita, your pumpkins are adorable! I really like that one with the fall colors, too cute!

  37. auwwww anita! you're in danger! i see you are addicted to pumpkins now! LOL.. i'm too week to be your saviour dear because i'm an addict to too many things too! so, let's enjoy our addiction eh! LOL

    hey! please count me in for the giveaway too ya!



  38. Lol...thanks sue! I have you down for the giveaway my friend. ♥

  39. Ohhh...love that color of the pumpkins. You have a knack for ami, that's for sure!

  40. Thank you so much Sabrina! ♥