Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sunday's Square(s)

I thought Sunday would be a great day to show you the square(s) that I make through the week.
This week I made squares for the Ravelry group Lets make a gift of a healing blanket that I had mentioned before and also for the August Square Exchange at At My House Yahoo group.
First one is the Ring in the Middle 6" Afghan Square

Round 4 was a little hard for me to understand.
To get the results of the pic on the pattern, you’re basically working like this:
(2dc, ch2, 2dc) in ea corner and on the sides, you are working in front of the sts of Round 3 and making 2dc into the last st before the ch2 space of Round 2 and also the first st after the ch2 space of Round 2 From to around
Once I got my mind wrapped around that the rest of the pattern went smoothly.

The next square is from the Amish Print Afghan found at
I finished a few rounds early so that it would be 6", but it's a great pattern and I really love the way it turned out!  I will definitely be making more of this one!

I hope you enjoyed the pics and the links.  
Have a wonderfully blessed Sunday my friends.
I love ya's!

My mouth will tell of your righteousness, of your salvation all day long, though I know not its measure.
Psalm 71:15 NIV


  1. They're both very pretty!! Nice job!!

  2. Anita, they are so pretty. I especially love the Amish Afghan one - the colors. What a magnificent blanket that would make. Oh here I go, have to add that to my to do list. Its getting so very long, better get crocheting!! Have a wonderful blessed day.

  3. Glor, I know!! The Amish Print is my favorite too. I'm here to tell ya that my 'to-do' list is so long that if I live to be a 100 I still won't get it all done and that's not counting my knitting 'to-do' list! LoL We can look on the bright side though, we won't ever have to worry about not having something to do! :o)

    Thanks for stopping by to visit my friend.
    Abundant blessings & lots of hugs to you!


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