Monday, August 9, 2010

Crochet Bunny With Free Pattern Link

Hey guys!
This is my niece Kylee with my oldest son Jeremy.

We've been watching her for the last couple of weeks and she has been such a breath of fresh air around here. Last week she told me she wanted me to make her a white bunny and Thursday is the last day she'll be stayin' with her Auntie Ni-Ni because she starts Kindergarten this week, so I wanted to fill her request since she has been such a very good girl while we've been watching her.

This is the bunny I made...

I really am pleased with how it turned out.  Of course, the real test will be to see what Little Miss Fancy Pants thinks about it when I give it to her Thursday, LoL.  

I used Darncat Crochet's free Baby Snow Bunny pattern, with a modified tail.
I added a fluffier tail by joining yarn w/sl st then *ch 10, sl st in next st on body/bunny rear* repeating from *to* until tail was as fluffy as I wanted.  I also embroidered the eyes, nose and mouth and colored the ears, cheeks & “toes” with cosmetic blush.

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  1. She is sweet!
    Nice what you have done with the ears and cheeks!

    Greetz Tamara.

  2. it's really lovely
    I'd like to make it but the blog of darncat do not more exist. do you have the pattern to send?
    Help me!
    Thank U

  3. Hi Rika,
    Thanks for visiting my blog. =o)
    I'm afraid that I can't send you the pattern, but here's the creator's Ravelry page:
    Maybe you can message her from there and she'll sent the pattern to you. =o)
    Take care!

  4. Anita, your work is amazing..!!.. Could I ask one question.. how do you do the nose? I made a tiger and I cant figure out how to top stich ontop of the crochet - it looks horrible. :( any hints or tips would be awesome... thank YOU!
    Hugs. bettyg

    1. Hi Betty!
      Thank you so much for the lovely compliment! :)
      • pull the needle out where you want the bottom point of the nose to be
      • re-insert needle where you want the upper right corner of the nose to be, making the needle exit where you want the upper left corner of the nose to be and pull the yarn through
      • re-insert needle back at bottom point, then back out at upper right point.
      • go back in at upper left point -- now you should have a nice triangle to "fill in"
      • continue embroidering your nose, always coming out at the bottom point of the nose and then in just above the top line of the triangle...first filling in the middle, then fill in one side (right or left), and finally fill in the other side -- this should give you a nice, full nose.

      I hope this helps!!! ♥


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