Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: My Baby


  1. Too cute!! The half up and half down on the couch is so funny!!

  2. Awww.. Your little fluff-pup is looking ADORABLE!!! She doesn't seem to mind the camera! Now just TRY to take photos like these of MY dog.. Ha! Ha! He (a cocker spaniel) simply can NOT sit STILL! The best picture I have of him was a lucky shot, only because we held a treat above his nose (not seen in the picture, of course).. so he APPEARS so poised and angelic!!! Well.. He's angelic at heart, but physically, he's more like an angel in desperate need of ritalin! ~tina

  3. Thanks Sabrina, she gets in positions like that ALL. THE. TIME. Lol She constantly keeps us in stitches.

    Thank you too Tina, not too long ago she wasn't so easy to get a pic of. I guess she has just finally started getting used to it, but it was because she didn't know what to think of the camera. She's playful but not hyper at all. I have had experience with Cocker Spaniels though & I know what you mean!

    Hope you both have a wonderful day!!!


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