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Free Crochet Pattern: ASE's Flower Fairy

ASE's Flower Fairy
©ASE Knits 'n' Crochets
You may not sell or claim this pattern as your own.
You may, however, sell any items you make using this pattern, all that I ask is that you give me credit as the designer with the info above.
Thank you for respecting my copyright.

Please enjoy!

**Correction made to Round 7 of head on August 13, 2011. Thank you Sarah!

  • Small amounts of Worsted Weight Yarn [Color A=flesh color, Color B=bodice & shoes, Color C=skirt, Color D=wings, Color E=hair]
  • Small amount of pink embroidery thread or sport weight yarn for mouth.
  • Hook, US F
  • Stitch marker for marking beginning of rounds
  • Yarn needle
  • Black safety eyes or black thread/yarn for embriodering eyes
  • Poly-fil or toy stuffing of your choice
Terms & Abbreviations
  • CO = Cast On
  • Ch = Chain
  • sc = single chain
  • dc = double chain
  • sc2tog = single chain 2 stitches together: insert hook in next st, pull up a loop, yarn over & pull through all three loops on hook
  • sc3tog = single chain 3 together: insert hook in next st, pull up a loop, insert hook in next st, pull up another loop, yarn over & pull through all four loops on hook
  • st(s) = stitch (es)
  • ea = each
  • beg = beginning
  • FO = Finish Off
  • Unless otherwise noted, each piece is worked in continuous rounds; do not join with a slip stitch at end of rounds. Use stitch marker to mark beginning of rounds.
  • When finishing off each piece, be sure to leave long tails for sewing pieces together.
  • Be creative! Try different colors, different styles of's all up to you, just have fun with your creation!
Finished size when recommended hook & yarn (sizes approximate):
Height: 6 1/2"
Width:  4 1/4" including wings, 2 1/4" without wings

with Color A
Ch 2
Round 1: sc 6 in 2nd ch from hook (6)
Round 2: 2sc in ea st around (12)
Round 3: [sc in next st, 2sc in next st]6x (18)
Round 4: [sc in next 2 sts, 2sc in next st]6x (24)
Rounds 5-6: sc in ea st around
Round 7: sc in next 2 sts, 2sc in next 2 sts, sc in next 4 sts, sc in next 2 sts, 2sc in next 2 sts, sc in remaining 14 sts (28)
Round 8: sc in next 3 sts, 2sc in next st, sc in next st, 2sc in next st, sc in next 4 sts, 2sc in next st, sc in next st, 2sc in next st, sc in remaining 15 sts (32)
Round 9: [sc in next 2 sts, sc2tog]8x (24)
Round 10: [sc2tog]12x (12)
**Now you should stop to embroider or place safety eyes on round 6 just above the increases that were made on round 7, then stuff before continuing.
Round 11: [sc2tog]6x (6) switch to Color B
with Color A
Using yarn needle, loop yarn around one stitch just below, and centered between, the eyes.
with pink embroidery thread or sport weight yarn
Embroider mouth just below nose.
with Color E
There are many great tutorials online for adding hair to your amigurumi & I really couldn't begin to explain it better these favorites of mine, so I'm just gonna share the links with you & you can go from there.

Begin Bodice
with Color B
Round 1: sc2 in ea st around (12)
Round 2: [sc in next st, sc2 in next st]6x (18)
Rounds 3-9: sc in ea st around
Round 10: in back loops only sc in ea st around
Rounds 11: sc in ea st around
**Now you should stop to stuff body & continue stuffing as you complete bodice.
Round 12: [sc2tog]9x (9)
Round 13: [sc2tog]4x, leaving remaining st unworked
Cut yarn and, using yarn needle, weave end through remaining sts & cinch closed.

with Color C
Hold doll with head facing towards your body & bottom facing away. Join yarn with sl st in front loops of Round 10 on bodice.
Round 1: [Ch 20, sl st in next loop]18x

Legs & Shoes (make 2)
with Color A
Join yarn with a sl st to bottom of the bodice

Ch 10 change to Color C: and ch 2 more. knot the two ends from the color change, it's ok, this will be hidden.
Round 1: 6 sc in 2nd ch from hook (6)
Round 2-4: sc in each st around (6)
Round 5: [sc2tog]3x (3)

Arms & Hands (make 2)
with Color A
Join yarn with a sl st to first row of bodice on the side

Ch 10
Round 1: 4 sc in 2nd ch from hook (4)
Round 2: sc in each st around (4)
Round 3: sc2tog, sl st in next st, ch 2, sl st in same st & FO

Wings (make 2)
with Color D
(Worked in Rows, not rounds)
Leave a long tail for sewing & Ch 2
Row 1: sc 2 in 2nd ch from hook, ch 1 & turn (2)
Row 2: sc 2 in next 2 sts, ch 1 & turn (4)
Row 3: sc 2 in next st, sc in next 2 sts, sc 2 in next st, ch 1 & turn (6)
Rows 4-6: sc in ea st across, ch 1 & turn (6)
Row 7: sc2tog, sc in next 2 sts, sc2tog, ch 1 & turn (4)
Row 8: [sc2tog]2x, ch 1 & turn (2)
Row 9: sc2tog, FO & sew as desired to back of bodice. 


  1. Auw anita! she's lovely! i already have her in my to-do list and it's very sweet of you to share it for free. thank you!

  2. Oh my goodness, talk about sweet and cute. And you're shaing the pattern, thank you so much!!! Have a wonderful day.

  3. Very cute! Thank you so much for sharing the pattern for free, I cannot wait to make a whole bunch for my two girls :o)

  4. Thank you all for your sweet comments! You are most welcome for the pattern. I am so glad that you like her. My 5yo niece stayed with me last night and she carried this one around the whole time! That's the true test...when something you make is loved that much by a little, you know you've got it right! And of course, she'll have one of her very own ready & waiting on her when she comes back on Thursday!

    Have a blessed day my friends!

  5. Anita, this little fairy is so SWEET!! I can't wait to make one! Thank you for sharing your pattern! ~tina

  6. Thank you so much Tina for your sweet words. You're welcome for the pattern. I'm so glad you like it. I'd love to see what you make!


  7. She is darling! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Thank you so much Caroline!
    I'm so glad you like her & you are most welcome for the pattern!


  9. Oh my she is so so cute! She is adorable

  10. Hehehe...thanks! Now I'm trying to decide if I want to come up with a knit version as well...hmmmmmm....?

  11. Aaaw she's lovely. You know my fear of toymaking - would she be a good first toy project?? How big is she - would she be suitable for a 18month year old girlie??

  12. You were who inspired me to make her! I think she will be a very good project for you to start out with. I would probably embroider her eyes instead of using the safety eyes since she's so young, but other than that she would be great for her. She is about 6 1/2" tall & 4 1/2" wide (including the wings).

    I'd love to see pics if you decide to make her!

  13. She's so adorable. thanks for sharing her!

  14. Thank you.
    You're most welcome, I'm so glad you like her!

  15. I just love her skinny little arms and legs!

  16. Thank you! I was going for the "stick figure" look for them.

  17. Such a darling little sprite :-) And how very generous of you to share the pattern. Thank-you very much!


  18. Thank you so much Beth! I'm happy to share her with you.


  19. what a tiny cute girl :) love her :)

  20. Thank you! She's real easy to make too...and so many ways to personalize color, flower skirt and bodice colors.♥

  21. Hello, Thank you so much for the FREE pattern. I had so much fun making her that I couldn't put her down, I now am ready to start making another one! I love your design, thank you so much for sharing!!!

  22. You're so welcome! I'm glad you're enjoying it!♥

  23. if you don't mind, what did you use for the eyes? I can't find anything that looks right.

  24. Hi Kynzie, I use safety eyes. You can find them at the craft stores in the section where you would find doll bodies and hair, etc...or go to Etsy and search for safety eyes.

    Hope this helps hun!♥

  25. She is adorable - I will try to tackle the pattern! Thanks so much for sharing :)

  26. Ooooh! I hope you do!
    Thank you my sweet friend!♥

  27. Thank you for posting this, what a fun project! I just can't seem to understand how to make the hands. HELP!

  28. You're welcome! What exactly are you having a hard time with sweetie?

  29. I have tried several tries, I don't know if I turn the hand in round 2 or continue in a circle... I am so confused.

  30. You will continue working in a circle. This will have you working around the original ch 10 (which will come out of the center of the hand to make the arm). It is a little tight to work because you are only working in 4sc, but don't give up!
    Round 3 is continuing in a circle as well...and it gets tighter.
    You single chain the first two stitches together, then slip stitch into the next stitch. Next you ch 2 then slip stitch into the same stitch you slip stitched into before the ch 2. (this makes a little mini picot that makes up the thumb). Then finish off!

    I sure hope this helps! If not, I will gladly work with you until we get it! :)

  31. Yes! I think I got it now. Thank you :)))

  32. I'm so glad you got it!!! I'd love to see a pic when you're done! You can email it to

  33. WOW!! ^_^ so cute, Thank you very much for share very nice pattern :D and how to do it, you are so kind, hhhmmm..I would like to try one ;)

  34. Thank you so much! You are very welcome for the pattern. :) I'd love to see how your fairy turns out if you try it!

  35. Thank you so much for sharing this pattern! I emailed you some pictures of the one I completed.

    1. You are most welcome Julie! Thank YOU for sharing your fairy with me! I'm going to go check her out right now! ♥

  36. Thank you she is such a cutey :)

    1. You're welcome Nicole! I'm glad you like her. =o)
      Thank YOU! ♥

  37. my daughter will love this...can you believe she is 43 years old. A little girl at heart.

    1. Awwww, I sure hope she does love it! You can see a few more of my fairies here: if you'd like some more inspiration. ♥

  38. I love this fairy! I have made 5 so far. Each one is as unique as the little girl I create it for. I'm not one who likes to make the same thing more than once but each time I make one I enjoy doing it. Thank you for sharing this pattern! I'm off to make another one for a special little girl who believes in fairies.

    1. Julie, you truly have made my day!!! Isn't it amazing how each fairy takes on her own personality even though you are following the exact same pattern for each? You are very welcome for the pattern. I am so blessed that my pattern is bringing so much joy to you and to the special little girls you make them for! Thank you so much for sharing your kindness and fairy experiences! ♥


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