Saturday, May 8, 2010

Hello Dolly!

I absolutely love dolly's!
Since I made my very first dolly for my niece for Christmas I have been on a dolly kick.

These lovely ladies were made using Mia's Magdalena pattern & I just added felt under the eyes for eye color & some blush on the cheeks for them both & the second one I had a vision for the hair & decided to give it dimension & even added a little barrette to match the skirt....



Mia has me inspired! After I made these two I decided to go my own way and make a little boy dolly. Still Mia's pattern for the doll itself with the exception of the eyes, boots instead of little girlie dress shoes, gave him short sleeves instead of long, did the hair differently (of course, I mean it IS a boy! LOL) & I changed the mouth a little bit. BUT, I made the hat & pants on my very own. Gettin' brave huh?



This next little beauty is the last dolly I'm gonna make using Mia's Magdalena pattern as the base of a dolly (though I do want to buy some of the patterns she has on ETSY---such a talented lady!!!).
Again, I changed it up a bit....multi-dimensional hair, the felt eyes, the barrette & blush, I totally changed the shoes & did the hands a little different and designed a totally different skirt.



I am so inspired that I have decided to make my own dolly pattern!
I really don't like sewing parts together any more than I have to, so one of the first things I knew I wanted in a dolly was to start from the feet up and making it all one piece except for the arms which I will have to sew on.
Here's my progress so far....


I am getting ready to start the head rounds now. This one is going to be a girl & the vision I have is panties with ruffles around the legs and the socks will have ruffles around them too. I want my hands to have little thumbs & I'm trying to make the face just a bit more defined...I'll keep ya posted about how it goes!

Have a great evening friends.
Love ya's!

So now there is no condemnation for those who belong to Christ Jesus.
Romans 8:1


  1. Fantastic Job. I love the hair. I've always had troubles in that area.

  2. Hi Anita

    How cute! My God daughter would love one of these for her new baby so when I've finished her Christening shawl - this is my next project.

    Good luck with your own pattern.
    God Bless

    Paula (UK)

  3. These dolls are so cute i love them... x

  4. Thanks Channelle! I do too..I think dolls are my very favorite thing to make!


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