Sunday, December 20, 2009

Pics & Pattern Links

Hey y'all! I've been meaning to take some pics and post for y'all & I've finally done it! LOL
No new news on the homefront, except that I made a 100 on my last exam! YaY!
Ok, now that you've been updated on my life, on to the pics....

Remember the scarf & hat set I mentioned in my last post? Just did my own thing on these, no patterned followed. I think the stitch is called a broken rib. I really loved using this stitch, the back side of it is a kind of seed stitch, making the scarf & hat completely reversible...looking equally good on either side, and the fabric turned out very cushy! I'm really rather pleased with how it turned out.


Here's a close-up of the front & back of the scarf...


For my roommate's sister, my new friend Millisa's birthday I made her a set of coasters in University of Tennessee colors orange & white...she is such a big UT fan! You can find this extremely easy & quick pattern by Ms. Rachel HERE.


This darling little doll is for my niece Kylee. She has been on me for a while to make her one, and when I came across THIS PATTERN it was just too cute to pass on making! It was another really easy pattern to follow & I really enjoyed making it. Kylee keeps asking if I'm making her a princess, so I'm gonna whip up a crown for her too. I'll try and remember to post a pic when it's done. For now, here's the doll according to the pattern (colors changed a little for Miss Kylee's taste *wink*)


Finally, I made my first crochet item using thread instead of yarn! I have always had such a big problem reading crochet patterns and the doily/doily-types are really murder for me! But THIS PATTERN seemed like the perfect opportunity to try again. It took me a bit to figure the whole thing out, but I finally got it! I haven't blocked & stiffened it yet because I don't have any startch, but I couldn't wait to share!


....and that's all the pics I have for now, so I'm off to see what else I can whip up before Christmas! hehehehe

Hugs, health & happiness to you all,


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Life Update, Blogging & Knitting Mo-Jo and Pattern Links!

Hello, hello!
OMGoodness!!! I cannot believe that it has been almost three months since my last post! I can promise you all that THAT won't happen again! I am so sorry my friends! My life has been in such a whirlwind lately! But, at least it has been going well and things are finally settling down now. Here's a quick overview/rundown of what's been going on the last little bit here.....

Had to stay with the ex for a while because I had no other place to go. Finally got a roommate though! Her name is Sherri & she used to date my younger brother, so I have known her for a few years and we get along great! I am still on the waiting list for assisted housing & God willing will be getting my own place for me and the boys soon....wouldn't THAT be a wonderful Christmas present!?!?!

My mother moved in with someone addicted to painkillers, now guess who's also addicted and supporting both of their habits!?!? She is totally not herself & has turned her back on all of us kids...unless she needs something. So it has come to the point where I have nothing to do with her. I told her that she has to get help's that tough love thing. I hope it works, cause I sure miss my mom!

My younger brother is always in the middle of some sort of drama. Still doing drugs himself & I just want to strangle that boy....uuuggghhh!

My older brother has really been doing well though and finally, at 40, is starting to act like a man. I love it!

My kiddos are doing great! Over the last few months my relationship with each of them has gotten stronger and stronger! I cannot express how much each of them have been a source of strength for me, and them not even realize it. I know I am extremely biased, and no offense to all the other mothers of sons out there, but I truly believe my boys are the best in the world!!!

The ex still wants me to come home & honestly there have been a couple of times that I seriously considered it. Then he would get drunk and go on a half the night rant & remind me all to much why I wasn't able to stay there in the first place.

I have been talking to a few guys here and there but still nothing serious. Then here recently I started talking to this wonderful man & things really appear to be progressing towards something very nice. Still getting to know each other, but so far we are both really like what we are finding.

I have enrolled in a Veterinary Technician course. Yes y'all I am back in school! I am so excited!! I have always had such a heart for animals and wanted to do something where I could help them so being an "animal nurse" seemed to make so much sense & has really been on my heart for quite some time now. Now that I am in the position to make what I want
of myself, I couldn't wait to get started & this is my first step! I have taken my first two exams and made A's on both of them!!! Go me!

And yep, I have my knitting, and I think blogging, mo-jo back!!! I have been a knitting fool (& crocheting---maybe I should say YARN mo-jo!?!? lol) I have made my friend Sam's little boy Jacob a red Power Ranger, using the free Playtime Baby Doll pattern found here & the colors of the specific Power Ranger he wanted and then embroidered the details that I couldn't add while crocheting. It turned out pretty good! I have also been working on a black lion for her oldest son Patrick, per his request, lol. The pattern I am using is great! You can find that free pattern here. I have worked up some dishcloths; two Rope Stitch Dishcloths and one Darrell Waltrip cloth. Both are free patterns & I really did enjoy them alot! They were each very simple to memorize and work up, but not boring in the least...just my kind of patterns! Now I'm working on an order for a matching hat & scarf! Whew! I am one busy knitter! lol

So my friends, that is what has been going on with me!
I sure hope y'all are all doing good & that life is being good to you.
Much love,