Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Just One of Those Days....

Y'all this is one of those days that I just am NOT doing well at all and I just need to vent. With that being said, now is the perfect time for you to stop reading if you don't want to read anything negative today! Being bipolar and out of my meds is not a good thing. Thursday, when I will be able to go buy them, is only a couple more days away, but in the meantime I am having a really rough go of it. I don't know what the hell to do with myself! I got up this morning, had my cup of coffee, ate a fairly sensible breakfast & even journaled it! I made the bed, cleaned the bathroom, made a list of stuff I wanted to accomplish (writing in my blog more regularly being one of them) and thought things were going good...then I had to deal with Wayne invading my personal space earlier and that was all she wrote! It was like a light switch....I went into total panic attack, an uncontrollable crying fit & hating that I have no control over my emotions! I feel like I need to do something but I just don't freaking have a clue what!! I am at such a loss, begging for God to help me....please!!! I have so many positive things that I want to tell you all about and just can't right now...why can't I just be normal so that I can focus on those positives and be ok. Logically I know that would be the most effective way to handle my feelings right now, but it just doesn't work like that for me...aaarrrgggghhhh!!!

Ok, end of my crybaby ranting now. To those of you that read it all, thank you my friends, and I am sorry this wasn't a perky post.
I sure do love y'as!



  1. This is what friends are for..

    The Good, the bad and everything in between......

    Many Hugs to you & I hope you day gets better!!


  2. Thanks Stephanie! So far it has gotten a bit better. I appreciate the hugs girl friend!

  3. Hang in there. Hopefully you don't have alot planned between now and Thursday ... nothing stress-inducing at least! I'll be praying for you! {{{{HUGS}}}}

  4. Theresa-Thank you so much for the prayers and the hugs! I don't plan on leaving the house if I don't have to!



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