Monday, August 10, 2009

It's Been A While...

It has indeed been a while. Life has taken so many crazy twists and turns over the past couple of months! Wayne and I are still separated & I feel very good about my decision to leave. Even Wayne agrees that I did the best thing for us both & we are better friends now and get along better than we ever have our whole relationship. It's crazy! We both confide in each other about everything, including the people that each of us dates.

The boys are doing great! They have really adjusted well. I am so proud of my guys!

I have to say that I haven't lacked attention from the opposite sex at all! What an ego boost! After going for so long being made to feel that I wasn't worth much, I am really enjoying it!

I haven't been knitting quite as much though. I really haven't had a really steady home and moving about doesn't leave me feeling encouraged to start new projects. I have done a few dishcloths and gave them away. I started a blanket and pull it out and knit on it every now and then. I just finished a small bag and now I am working on a soda can cozy.

So, what have y'all been into my friends?

Wishing you all the love, health and happiness you can stand!