Monday, April 27, 2009

A Review by a Knitting Junkie!


You’re homeless, living under a pier.
You are living in a loveless marriage and facing divorce.
You feel like you have outlived your welcome on this earth and have nothing left to offer.
You feel like you have nothing left to live for.
You feel like you are at a dead end, but are you?
Or do you just need a new perspective?

The Noticer is a wonderful book of inspirational stories that leaves you thinking about your own situation(s) and looking for a new perspective. This book by Andy Andrews is a series of stories about several people in one small town and is based on a true story. I was totally entranced and didn’t want to put it down for even a minute.

I was so touched by the messages and life lessons in this book that I plan on using it in my family’s home school lessons for our two teenage boys. This will be made even easier by the Reader’s Guide in the back of the book, provided for group discussion or personal reflection.

I really cannot recommend this book enough, no matter what walk you are on in your life, and I will definitely be reading more from Andy Andrews!

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  1. Great review!! He goes to my Aunt's Church and she's always raving about him. She says he is definitely the real deal!!

  2. Thanks! I had never heard of him before, but after reading this book, I have absolutely no doubt that really is the real deal! I can't wait to read his other stuff. I would love to listen to him speak sometime too.

  3. Thank you for this review and recommendation. I have it ordered from our public library.

  4. You're welcome Mary Anne. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


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