Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Word of Thanks...

Thank You!
I am simply amazed and heart-warmed that so many of you left such kind and supportive comments. Thank you all so very much.
I also have to give a special 'Thank You' to Marianne of The New Frugal Mom who not only left some encouraging words for me, but check out what she awarded me with too!!!
I will be passing it along to a few fabulous bloggers as well, so keep your eyes open!

Me, Spiritually

This past week I felt myself being drawn even closer to God and a feeling of His peace has engulfed me. There were a couple of days that I was out of the house most of the day and didn't make time to read my Bible and meditate on His word, and I missed it. I could feel the difference verses the days that I do make that time for Him.

Me, Health-wise

I have to admit that I didn't eat very healthy this week though. However, I did stick to my personal resolution to be more active. I started using a timer when I am online or knitting. I allow myself 45 minutes and then I must get my rear in gear and do something productive for a while. It has really been very effective and I am starting to feel better already. I feel like I am getting much more accomplished around the house as well. Now I just need to work on eating healthier. Baby steps are good though, right?


I had such a wonderful experience last night! Wayne and I finally got the last of our W-2's yesterday afternoon and knowing that H&R Block would be super busy, I packed up what I needed to knit while we waited. I guess I had been sitting there knitting for about 45 minutes to an hour when one of the ladies that works there came up and asked me what I was knitting. I explained to her that I was working on a design of my own for a heart-shaped dishcloth and she was in aw and said she had never seen one heart-shaped before and asked me if I sell my patterns! I told her that right now I share my patterns for free here on my blog and that I would right down the pattern for her while they did our taxes. We chatted for a bit and of course, before I left she had the pattern, my email and my blog address. She was thrilled-and I walked out of there on cloud 9. Aaahh...the simple pleasures of life!

Of course, I do indeed plan on sharing the pattern with you all as well.
I am afraid that it will have to wait though. I have a new power cord on its way, but I am on the last of my battery for my laptop and it simply doesn't have enough charge for me to type it up right now.
However, I do want to share the link to a great pattern and a pic of the one that I whipped up as a Christmas present for Damon's little girlfriend's mom.
It is the eLoomanator's Diagonal Knit Dishcloth by Jana Trent.
Other than the heart cloth that I designed and plan on sharing with you, this is my very favorite cloth to knit up so far!
I hope that you enjoy it as much as I do.

And that's all for now.
I write as long-winded as I talk and I am sure you are ready for a break from me by now!
Big Hugs...


  1. What a beautiful blog you have! I have bookmarked your site, and am now following you as well. I'll be back again!

    Kitten Knits Yarn

  2. Thank you so much Shelley!
    You're awesome!
    a Knitting Junkie!

  3. Baby steps indeed! You're doing great!! :)

  4. Thank you so much Daniele!
    Big, big hugs,


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