Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I did it!

I resolved to post at least once a week, and my last post was last Wednesday..exactly one week ago! Woo-hoo! I hope that you are having a great year so far. Mine has been ok. It started out a bit rocky. My mom was in the hospital for a while. She sounded like she had laryngitis for like three months! She was having a hard time breathing as well and just couldn't seem to do much because of it. My older brother finally talked her into letting him take her to the ER and lo-and-behold, she had pneumonia! Of course, they admitted her and put her in a regular room, but before the day was out they had her in ICU. This past Friday I was able to take her home and she is doing much better now. We lost my Daddy back in May so needless to say, I was worried.

Life at home as been a bit rocky as well. Wayne and I have been back together for about 4 months or so from our 7 month seperation (he left me) and all of the promises of things being different if I would come back home have turned out to be crap and quite frankly I am getting more and more irritated as the days go by. On a good note though, my BFF Samantha and I have been able to hang out alot more lately and that has really done my heart and spirits good! I heart Sam so much! She is the 'once in a lifetime' kind of friend and I don't know what I would do without her.

Knitting as usual is a constant in my life. Very theraputic and calming and always gives me such a feeling of accomplishment! I may even have another pattern posted for you over the cool is that!?!?

Ok, I need to go for now. Time to shower before I go to Sam's house for the evening. Y'all be good and I'll see ya again soon!




  1. So glad for you to have such a good friend to help you get through tough times. I am sorry things aren't going well with the home situation and hope things can turn around for you. Keep up your courage.
    Thoughts and prayers.

  2. Thanks so much. I really appreciate your encouraging words.


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