Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Knitting and Pattern Link

Hey guys!
I hope y'all are doing great this week.
Are you any closer to being ready for Christmas?
I am...a little bit anyway.

I frogged the hooded scarf that I was working on for my mom here.
As beautiful as the pattern was as I was knitting it, I just wasn't feeling it for Mom at all. For one I felt it was just too dense for her. Knowing my mom, I felt she needed something a little lighter or she wouldn't wear it. She has mentioned liking the old-fashioned headscarves and not being able to find anything close to what she was talking about in a knitting pattern, I decided to design my own! It is actually coming along quite wonderfully and I am very pleased with it so far. I am using the same yarn, as I needed something quick. After Christmas, I think I will work on knitting her a square headscarf like she is talking about...maybe out of sock weight yarn; we'll see. I ran out of yarn and will have to buy some more Thursday. Once it's all finished I promise to post it as a free pattern for y'all.

While I wait for Thursday to get here, I am working on hats for all of the men-folk on my Christmas list. Right now I am working specifically on my older brother's. I started doing a very basic 3x2 ribbing but wasn't sure how I was going to approach the decreases so I started doing some hunting on the internet. My research landed me here. I. Love. the way Stephanie worked up the decreases on this one!

Ok, I'm not getting my Christmas presents done. I'd better get to work!


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